Amish Furniture Sets

Amish furniture is a kind of furniture that is made by the Amish. It is generally made of 100% wood, without particle board or laminate. It prevents the use of electricity, many woodworking tools

Using Amish furniture dates back to 1920s with the introduction of early American folk art. Beginning from that dates Amish furniture was valued greatly by dealers. Today there are many different styles of Amish furniture.

The Jonestown School in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania (18th century) is one of the clearest example of Amish furniture. There are blanket chests decorated with flowers on three panels. Today one can see some examples of these chests in the Smithsoinan Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The Amish furniture in the Soap Hollow School is dominantly painted in red, gold and black.

Today’s understanding of Amish furniture was firstly made by Henry Lapp in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. As today we think of Amish furniture, Lapp’s works was without paint, and the Germanic style of the time. His works had more plain and undecorated style.

As an example the record price for American folk-painted furniture (a tall clock) was sold in 1986 for $203,500.

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