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Living Room Decor

Your living room is the central most area of your house and not only this but it is the centre of your house attraction too. It needs your special attention and believe me your guests are more conscious about your living rooms more than any other part of your house and they come and sit there first. For your living room the first and foremost thing you have to consider is the color and theme story.

You know better than anyone else about the color that would fit best to your living room and deciding rest things is just a step away than. After color and theme buy good furniture (sofa, dining table, central and side tables and bookshelves), this furniture should in contrast with your theme. After that search for good decorating pieces that would cover your tables, walls, ceilings and floor.

Adding an aquarium is the best idea ever and it surely is a great living room décor. Lightning fixtures play an important role in your living room décor; get beautiful lightning fixtures for your walls and ceilings while standing lamps for your floor and tables. If you want to decorate your living room artistically than never leave the option of hanging decorative mirrors in your living room area and other wall hangers.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room Decorating Ideas

A living room is a busy place in house and the most visible one as well. It is used for gatherings where a person enjoys the other’s company and therefore it has to stand out respectively. There are plenty of living room decorating ideas that can be searched in a magazine or looked over on the internet. The following ideas are good and will enable a person to make his living room the best place to be.

1. Color on the Walls
When it comes to the walls in the living room, then an individual should choose a bold color that would spice up the space respectively. It happens that many people don’t prefer a bold color but it really does make a difference and create a remarkable effect indeed. In fact a person can only paint the accent wall with a bold color and then can use various accessories that can blend well with the rest of the colour in the living room.

2. Art on the Walls
It is necessary that a person should apply some art on the walls as they lead to a great impression in the living room. Painted canvases can be used or a framed print that consists of shades can be used as well. The framed print will blend well with the color of the walls. Moreover, photographs, a city’s skyline or a landscape can also be hung on the walls.

3. Lighting
Another decorating idea for the living room is to have adequate lighting and it is vital as well. But a person should not use fluorescent light bulbs as they are quite harsh and would not enable a lighter or charming mood in the living room. A latest overhead fixture should be used that provides sufficient light across the room and a few lamps should also be placed that would be used for task lighting.

How to Decorate a Living Room

How To Decorate A Living Room

Your living room being an important area of your house needs your attention more than any other areas and it really is mandatory for you to decorate it in varieties of ways to make it beautiful and appealing before eyes of every visitor and guest coming at your house and this isn’t difficult, just a small knowledge about things is needed.

First of all select a good theme and color and paint your walls, doors and windows with that. Place good furniture as in sofas, side tables, central tables and dining table and chairs.

Fix beautiful lightning fixtures that would illuminate your entire living room. Place lamps on tables and floors to give great affect. Place central wallpapers, photo frames and sceneries on your wall along with wall hangers and baskets fill with flowers and lights.

Placing big flower pots on floor and vases on tables is great living room decoration idea. Place a large mirror on any wall in centre of your living room and decorate the borders with good frames and textures. You can also place statues on corners and sides of your living room. Place good curtains on your windows that blend well with theme.