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Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs Designs

Except for braided rugs, rug has been a product of orient, east. Beginning from 500 BC(according to the evidences) in ancient Persia, rug making art has been an important figure in oriental culture.

The art went through many changes over decades. It met new cultures from Bosnia to Turkey, from Turkey to Afghanistan. In the Timurid and Ilkhanid eras, during the spread of Islam and afterward had deep effects on the art.

Materials had been changed over time too. We know that wool, silk and cotton were used, even if pre-Seljuk era is not so clear to us.

In many oriental cultures rug means “Kilim”, which is derived from “Gelim” meaning rug in Persian. Let’s look at the list of some oriental rugs;

– Gunny kilim
– Suzani kilim
– Needlework kilim
– Jol
– Palas
– Jajim
– Zilu
– Rekht-e-khab pich
– Charkhi-baf kilim
– Khorjin
– Masnads
– Navar-chador
– Sajadeh
– Ghigh
– Rah Rah
– Anatolian Turkish Kilim

The motifs of the rugs are very similar. There may be some differences like “lighter colours.” Geometric shapes are very common. We think that it could be the effect of Islam, as geometry is used in Islamic art often.

Cheap Carpets

Cheap Carpets On A Budget

Would you like to consider of having cheap carpets on your floors? Do you care your economic situation with your little budget? If yes, then you are welcome to this article. In this article, you will find how to find cheap carpets. You will also learn some features of cheap carpets.

For instance, there are ways that you can carpet a room very cheaply, without having to spend a lot of money.

In addition to that, if you wonder how you could install cheap carpets to your floor, here is the answer. You can use carpet samples to carpet your room. Depending on the size of the room you are looking to carpet, how many samples you’ll need will vary.

Furthermore, while you are installing the carpets samples in your room, the only thing you will be looking for will be a carpet knife and a staple gun. Your duty does not come to an end with just having that stuff. Once you have the knife and staple, you should put the carpet peice in place and staple in two or three staples along each side.

Finally, if you want to search about cheap carpets on internet, you can be misled by some information. The best thing is to learn the facts on here, and on some other sites, and make your dreams come true!

Cheap Rugs

Do You Need Cheap Rugs?

The population of the world rises all the time. In accordance with the population, naturally the production increases too. More people need more production and there are more people to produce. That is a big advantage, because now it is easier to find things of all prices. The important thing is not the ability to find cheap staff, but to find quality for a small amount of money.

It surely works for rugs too. As some countries like China have very big amount of manufacturing, there have been many cheap productions in the market. It would be useful too indeed, as you can use cheap rugs in places where you would regret to put an expensive one and where quality doesn’t matter. For example you can put across the door to home or to bathroom.

Cheap rugs can be used in offices too. As offices has much more guest than any home, it would be better to use a cheap rug rather than a new. Balconies and corridors are other options to use cheap rugs.

Looking for second hand will increase your chance to find cheap rugs. Even if they are cheap, they would make your home warmer and softer.

Modern Rugs

Modern Rugs

Have you ever wondered modern rugs? If yes, here is some information for you. As you can consider, rugs are made of different materials and they add beauty to your floor as well as you home.

If you wonder where you can find modern rugs, here it is. There are some catalogues on internet on some sites which exhibits all styles of rugs ranging from classical to fusion. Thanks to those catalogues, you can also find many different sensible colors, different shapes and some other important features.

Moreover, as all modern rugs are technologically designed to ensure slippery-free on any flooring, you can feel relaxed about it.

Furthermore, if you are looking for fine-grained rugs, it would be right to say that Traditional, Classic, Bamboo, Cotton, Natural Fiber and Wool-rugs could withstand your needs. For instance, if you are a very clean person thinking to buy a natural fiber rug, it would be right to say that your choice is perfect as natural fiber rugs are non-allergenic at low cost. In addition to that, they are long-standing rugs which may fit in your living room as well as bedroom.

Finally, first of all, you need to make a decision on your favorite rug. Then, choose the right color and make your home shine!

Persian Rugs

Expensive Persian Rugs

The Persian rug or carpet weaving has big place in Persian culture. It dates back to ancient Persia. Iran, with its 1.2 million weavers, exports approximately a %30 of world’s market.

This art has really a long history. As evidence Pazyryk says carpet dates back to 500 BC, the Ahcaemenid period. The first documented evidence is from Chine, dating back to 224 AD. The remained rugs and carpets are nothing more than a few pieces of worn-out carpets.

Persian rugs really have been unique, but be careful while buying. Since, there are many imitations of these hand-woven rugs on the market. Especially some manufacturers from Far East reproduce original Persian motives and designs. They are cheaper substitutes but we are sure that you will not have the same.

The situation is the same for carpets as well. Unfortunately the ancient tradition found itself in a hard competition. The copied carpets and rugs face machine-made products.

The perception of rugs is a different theme in Iranian culture indeed. These nomadic rugs are known as “Gelim”. Gelim is known in many cultures like Turkey, Poland or Afghanistan as “Kilim.” Turkish rugs are as popular as the Iranian ones.

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Rugs To Improve Your Garden

In many countries and cultures people go into their homes in their shoes. It is very comfortable but it has many disadvantages as you bring many undesired objects to your home. We will not say you that you should wear out your shoes but using an outdoor rug would minimise the risk.

Think that it is rainy outside, and as a quick cleaner, you have just outdoor rugs. It is a healthy and aesthetic way to use them. Yes, not only healthy, but also aesthetic because there are used not only for that function. They can be used under tables or on balconies. They make outdoor use much easier and desirable.

Outdoor life is another healthy aspect, especially if you have some green around. To find the comfort of your home and keep the boring sides of it, you will spend much more interesting time outside. But without an outdoor carpet, it would not be so easy. For colder days, there even some rugs with heater. If you have a garden, there is no reason to stay inside.

Out door rugs are generally very cheap and anybody can get them. So make use of it!

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

As you can understand from its name, Venetian blinds were first introduced in Venice, Italy. What makes Venetian blinds special is their modernized designs that are resistant to damage and are suitable for families having children and pets.

While some Venetian blinds can be made out of aluminum, some other can be made out of plastic, as this makes them much more durable.

Moreover, as the blinds are an extraordinary style of complementing the interior decoration of the home, Venetian blinds are gaining popularity. Especially, plastic Venetian blinds are the most preferred material.

So, if it is to talk about Venetian blinds’ features, there are some things to talk about this. As they are the most common but the least expensive type of blind, Venetian blinds are very popular. They feature horizontal slats that tilt up or down to control light. They also offer superior privacy and a neat appearance.

Finally, if you wonder how to clean your Venetian blinds, here are some tips for you. As Venetian blinds are easy to clean, regular wiping of your Venetian blinds will work well and you will have dust free blinds. You can also use a hose pipe and clean the venetian blinds and leave them to dry or wipe them clean.

Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds can be seen as a non-modern idea of installing blinds to your windows. That is because of the fact that everyone wants a bit of natural light in their home and blackout blinds can seem not very colorful.

In addition to that, when you imagine Blackout blinds, you will most probably imagine a sheet of pitch black material, however, this is not the case. You can find Black blinds in very different designs and patterns. For instance, as blackout refers to a special lining, you can even get Venetian and honeycomb style blinds with blackout qualities. So, it can be said that Blackout blinds are no different than regular blinds.

Moreover, after this explanation of Blackout blinds’ features, here comes the question of where to use Blackout blinds. If you have a new born baby and want your baby to have non-stop sleeping nights, then Blackout blinds can be a perfect choice. Blackout blinds allow for near-total darkness, providing a child with a comfortable sleeping environment and providing new parents with a much needed rest!

Finally, if you look for a total privacy, and better sleeps, Blackout blinds are ready for you. You just need to choose the right design for your needs.

Vertical blinds

Vertical Style Blinds

Would you like to make your windows looking much more attractive? Do you look for a perfect solution for controlling the harsh sunlight from entering the interior of your home? If you wonder those things, then you are very welcomed to this article. So, let’s start. Vertical blinds are the greatest choice for your needs. They come in a large variety of styles and even varying materials.

For instance, you may prefer a patterned material to match your room, or maybe just a solid fabric to accent a wall. Some blinds are also available in different styles and textures. Furthermore, you can find multi-color options, if needed.

So, after that information, you have decided to buy vertical blinds, but, you don’t have any idea on what to do. Please, don’t worry, because here is some information on this. One of the most popular vertical blinds is Bali. These window coverings are known for quality and durability. They can also help a home become more energy efficient by blocking out light in the summer and keeping heat in during the winter months.

Finally, you just need to decide what you want to do. Once you decide it, your windows will shine like the stars in the sky.