Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs

The Persian rug or carpet weaving has big place in Persian culture. It dates back to ancient Persia. Iran, with its 1.2 million weavers, exports approximately a %30 of world’s market.

This art has really a long history. As evidence Pazyryk says carpet dates back to 500 BC, the Ahcaemenid period. The first documented evidence is from Chine, dating back to 224 AD. The remained rugs and carpets are nothing more than a few pieces of worn-out carpets.

Persian rugs really have been unique, but be careful while buying. Since, there are many imitations of these hand-woven rugs on the market. Especially some manufacturers from Far East reproduce original Persian motives and designs. They are cheaper substitutes but we are sure that you will not have the same.

The situation is the same for carpets as well. Unfortunately the ancient tradition found itself in a hard competition. The copied carpets and rugs face machine-made products.

The perception of rugs is a different theme in Iranian culture indeed. These nomadic rugs are known as “Gelim”. Gelim is known in many cultures like Turkey, Poland or Afghanistan as “Kilim.” Turkish rugs are as popular as the Iranian ones.