French Country Decor

Have you ever been to France? Yes, no? If yes, you probably know about French country decor. If no, you have most probably seen a movie that reflected French country decor in some way. While there are many elements that contribute to the French Country style of decorating, the resulting look is always rustic, old-world, and welcoming. The look fits well into both country houses and elegant, old chateaux. The French Country style of decorating, with its warm and casual feel will fit beautifully into your home as well. What about colors used in this wonderful decorating style? Sunny yellow and soft gold, firey red and burnt rust, bright grass green and dark hunter green, cobalt blue and soft ocean tones fit your French country decor very well. As you can see colors are very important in this style. Moreover, in French country style decoration the usage of natural materials is a kind of fundamental part of this style. For instance, plaster painted walls, some wood details, ceilings and walls which have hefty beams are some examples of materials that are used in French country decor. Most importantly to say, almost in every French country house, you can find a Stone fireplace. Thus, do not forget to build your own fireplace as well!

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